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My OS Programming Is Lacking Motivation

I’ve been lacking motivation on making an OS, little bursts of energy scramble about here and there, but there’s nothing really driving me. On the other hand making a SubOS seems like a lot of fun right now. The reason is, I know I can do it, and I have the motivation (from competition). The competition at the operating system’s communities doesn’t seem to be too high, and it seems more lonely and loose-knitted. I’m having trouble finding good tutorials for things, things don’t work due to version differences, and code acts weird depending on your assembler compiler. I’m having trouble with the linker, and I want to write my own bootloader, but everything seems to point to using GRUB. Things don’t match up, it’s hard code, and I would really rather develop something I know some people will try. Where as with most homebrew x86 (PowerPC ones too, but the things it there aren’t too many of those) OS’, people don’t give them much thought. No one wants a DOS prompt, when they can have another OS. With a SubOS, at least people download and try them. You might get flamed, but you get some good comments too. With OS programming, the homebrew audience is small (unless your involved with the Linux Kernels), like a kid running a puppet show in his backyard. If I do decided to develop one, or get something from my small bursts of energy, it will probably be a 16 bit one for starters. Then I’ll move on to tougher territory. Some people say switching later is a pain the arse, but for me it will probably be easier once I learn a little more about it all in general. So even though it might be tough to switch, it will probably be tougher to go right to 32 bit programming. Well, there’s my rant. So long folks.





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SubOS News Blog

I’m learning a little bit more about assembler and trying to learn some more each day. I want to assembler the resouces and then learn how to make my own operating system. I also started a SubOS News site, if you don’t know waht a SubOS is, a SubOS is an application that is also commonly called a “GUI'”, “Fake OS”, or “Shell”. I like them, some people don’t. I guess it just depends. The site can be found here. It’s going to be worked on soon, don’t worry!



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