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Google’s Stock Goes Down

Hey my prediction on Google’s stock seems to be right. It has been falling pretty steadily for the last few days. Here’s some graphs via


As you can see the stock for Google has had a pretty significant decline. It was skyrocketing before and that could be argued for either viewpoints. Some say it would have had to have gone down eventually or that YouTube caused this stock decrease. Let us have a closer look.


This sharp change in value is alerting, but who knows it could pop right back up. I think it’s your call. Is it going to go through a temporary slow streak and surge back up, go back up soon, keep declining? It’s your call. I think it’s going to keep declining for at least a fair amount of time. The stock has dropped a point a day since YouTube was acquired when averaged but the significant changes have been recent. The following days and weeks should be a good indicator as to whether or not Google will go into a slump.




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