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Today I made Stickly, it’s a fun little game in my opinion. Check out the new Creations page, it has the link to Stickly in it.

Here’s a screenshot:
Stickly Screenshot 2

That’s the first time I’ve ever used an image in a blog. Anyways, Stickly has a cool interface. It’s awesome. It looks like this:

Stickly Screenshot 1

Sweet isn’t it? Anyways, the game is a little aracade one with tiny graphics. You have to collect the coins and dodge bullets. You can roll, bounce, jump, and duck to avoid them. It’s addicting. I hope you enjoy the game, it’s well polished even though it took only a few hours to make. Check out the Creations page and you should be able to find a download. A new idea of mine is to create a gadget creation program that uses the same sort of interface as Stickly. Stay tuned on that one folks.




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