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Gas, Get It While It’s Hot!

People are going crazy over gas prices, talking about how low it can go.  I’m wondering about how low it can go.  Sure it’s looking great right now, but you have to wonde how long those of folks at OPEC will let it keep dropping.  The reason I would suggest this is because of the great hugs and kisses the U.S. gave out to Venezuela and Iran at the General Assembly.  Chavez didn’t sound too happy when he called Bush “the Devil”, and I don’t think Iran was too pleased with the talks directed at them over their uranium enrichment program.  These are two of the world’s biggest oil producers, and will they want to keep exporting barells of crude oil for the “cheap” price it is right now?  Probably not.  Of course, you also have the extremist liberals talking about how the falling gas prices are some sort of conspiracy started by our so loved GOP.  It’s an election year and it looks great for them, but are they in on a conspiracy?  Doubt it.  They might have tried to keep the gas cheaper through ethical means of some sort, but that’s a given for any party.  I don’t think they’ll want to keep the oil cheap for long.  There’s one other factor though that I’d like to address.

The second factor is demand, the demand went down so the price went down.  Being Americans we’re all thinking: “Whooe!  Cheap gas, can you spell party!  Let’s go on a big vacation!”

That’s not a good way to think, the main reason it got so cheap in the first place was there wasn’ a lot of demand once summer vacation ended and people stopped taking time off to drive long distances.  If we start going crazy by driving long distances and everyone starts going as many places as they can and going back for more cheap gas, the demand will go up.  You know what that means, higher prices for importing crude oil!

Conclusion, this “cheap gas fad” won’t last for long.  Get it while it’s fresh from the oven, er’ barrel.  Have fun with your new gasoline,  but don’t get crazy with it.   On a side-note, one day I’m ranting about crazy, extremist Republicans, and the next talking about those crazy, extremist Democrats.  My philosophy is that you shouldn’t vote based on the party, but based on the person and how well you think they’d do.  If people really asked themselves that, we could have many better people in office.   I’ll close on that.




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Overboard Campaign Ads

Check out this campaign ad this is way extreme.  One question I have to ask those extremist Republicans who aired this ad:

What the heck were you thinking?

I have a few major problems with this piece of total propaganda.  The first I’ll name here is that what good does it do.  It makes racist, extremist comments about Democrats and it would only be a turn-off to potential voters, both Democrats and Republicans.  Wouldn’t you want to sway the people towards you not downright insult the potential audience.  Secondly, even though Maryland has the highest black population of a non-southern state 71%  of the citizens are white.  I’m sure it’s appealing to these people to be insulted in such a way.  Christians were in the KKK, and they had a lot more to do with it than Democrats and they aren’t blaming Christians.  Thirdly, there’d be public outrage if a group of Caucasian Democrats accused the Republicans of starting a group of African-Americans racist against whites.  Yet, there will be no outcry about this.  It’s the way life is.  Am I being to harsh?  I don’t think so.  I’m not racist, I’m white, I’m Christian, so don’t take offense.  If you consider the facts I think you’ll agree with me on this one.  By the way, I’ll be trying to delve more into politics in my future blogs.




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Will Ideas Run Out?

I was pondering something about programming today, and realized it could apply to all of life.  My thought is this, what if, in the future we run out of original ideas.  I mean someone will always be able to vary something in one way or another, but will we start “running low” on originality.  Honestly folks think about it, a lot of times I have an idea or a name for something and I search the idea to see if it’s been done.  A lot of times, it has.  I’m not saying we will run out of original ideas (although we could), but they might be in short supply at some point in the future.  This is something to consider.  Feel free to disagree with me, this is pretty much just general chatter.  Everybody enjoys writing a little rant every once and a while.




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Secret Project Revealed, 9/11, Bush Speech

I’ve been doing a lot PHP coding recently, and still have a ton to do.  I need to code a comment system and that could take me a little while.  Besides, I don’t feel up to it.  That means I’m not going to do it today.  My post on 9/11 (see previous entry) had a few comments here and I’m glad people liked it.  Despite what it’s about I am proud of it.  On another site I also received some feedback on that.  Some of those people are less politically driven though.  I’ll reveal my secret project now, it’s a book system.  It’s going to allow people to upload books, write books, allow downloading in different formats, and I have more plans.  As for Bush’s speech, I wasn’t very happy with what I watched of it.  It was driven politically and he used it to make public his points.  He repeated a lot of the same ideas.  Being an independent person (who leans more towards the liberal side of things) I had a little hope for our President’s speech.  He disappointed me by using it to broadcast his views instead of respecting the people who were killed.  Most of the ideas were the same repetitive ones, and there wasn’t a lot of original wording.  Not so well done in my opinion.  That’s all for today.



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September 11, 2001- A Day to Remember

Today is the fifth anniversary of an event that shocked the world. An event so horrible that this date will be remembered for the rest of history. Five years ago today nineteen men set out to a destroy a nation, a nation that had allowed them into the borders, allowed them to rent houses, cars, and apartments, and allowed these nineteen men to take courses on driving planes. Many of these nineteen men were known terrorists, but that didn’t make a difference. We taught them the art of war, we taught it in a subtle manner, but in the end it lead to horrible event. Almost 3,000 men, women, and children were killed. These were not drones, these were people. People who had their own lives, loved ones, and friends. The horrible deeds of others put an abrupt end to many lives, lives that left family, friends, and goals uncompleted. Any of those people could have changed the world, but weren’t given a fair chance. The father, the mother, the husband, the wife, the son, the daughter, the uncle, the aunt, the nephew, the neice, the cousin, oh we could go on and on. All fell under the cruel hands of others who we ourselves had taught. Yet in the evil and destruction, we joined hands, lit candles, and sung hymns with others that we’re so different, but tied together by the horrible event.

The firefighters and police officers, the rescuers, and the brave individuals who tried to make a difference. Many of them we’re killed trying to bring others back. In our darkest hour, when the coldest wind was blowing we stood strong. We held our heads high, and waited, waiting for the calls that never came, waiting for the nightmare to be over, waiting for the sun to gleam high in the sky and things to be like they used to. Facts couldn’t be changed, but yet we gripped harder, and showed a love that had been hidden all this time, hidden deep somewhere waiting for a chance to shine. Who had known it would take something so hideous to bring out something so pure and wholesome. Our downfall was our uprising. As the darkness and the wind shook us harder we held our loved ones close, and prayed for the ones we couldn’t. Now we have changed things, worked to improve our government, stopped teaching others to hurt us, improved securities, and learned to love. There is hope for this nation, great hope, but nothing will ever be the same. Some of debris may be clear, but not on our hearts. The pain is as real and as heavy as ever. The pain will never be lifted, the debris on our hearts never swept, but maybe if we strive for peace, maybe we can prevent the rock of pain from shattering on a new generation of hope. So please remember those who have perished on this day, the people who were killed trying to escape, and the ones who died coming back to help the others. Please remember September 11, 2001. Whatever your religion, race, or views, please pray for peace in a world where the fighting just doesn’t seem to stop.

Thank you,



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Artificial Heart Approved By FDA

I was looking at my feeds, when I got something new.  I recieved it from my Discovery News feed.  I’m going to be expressing my views a little, but you can read the full article here.  Anyways, I got this link from my Discovery News feed, which I already mentioned.  I don’t get a ton of feeds from them, and I don’t read too many, but this one sparked my interest.  I suggest you read it, then if you have here are my views.  It’s about an artificial heart device called AbioCor created by Abiomed Inc.  I think this is a great idea, considering that the device is going to give patients who would die in less than a month, a longer lifespan.  One man lived up to seventeen months, other than the one month.  My only two concerns are that some insurance plans might not be able to cover it so some people might not be able to afford it.  My other concern is that the strokes will occur too often.  The third factor that some people are interpreting as a product risk is the number of deaths while inserting the heart.  I don’t take these as a fault of the product, because heart surgeries are risky enough as it is.  I am glad that some people will be able to have a longer lifespan, even if it only is a few months (every second in life counts).  My hope is that this product will not only be successfull, but improve in the years to come.  This is a great strive forward in the health industry.  Today I have a closing message for you:

“Life is very short and there’s no time…”-We Can Work It Out, The Beatles.

Thank you for listening.   Remember that life can take turns all too quickly and you need to enjoy the good times while they last.



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