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YouTube Goes Google

YouTube has been acquired by Google. What does this mean? Well, I’m thinking a few things. Let’s get the wheel going here.

  1. Google plans to take over the Internet’s video uploading and video blogging services. We all know YouTube was doing way better than Google Video. Now that they have YouTube, they’ll gain control of the video uploading/blogging market.
  2. Google paid a hefty sum of 1.65 billion dollars for YouTube. I think that’s a lot of money to be paying, and especially since I think it’s such a big gamble. I’m not so sure they should have done this. Of course they might want full control of the video market. Is it worth the price? I’m not so sure on that one.
  3. YouTube has been delaying paying for copyright infringements. They haven’t. Google will probably end up paying it with this acquisition.
  4. Don’t expect stock to jump up. Why, because I don’t think YouTube is really that valuable and with Google Video it can’t possibly improve it that much and I don’t think YouTube is really worth that much to investors.
  5. This could look bad for Google. The price tag was way too high and they already had Google Video so other than gaining almost total control everything pretty much stays the same. Bad look means investors must sell their stock.

I’m not so sure about how good this whole thing is. Everyone is just going to have to wait and see how it goes.




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September 11, 2001- A Day to Remember

Today is the fifth anniversary of an event that shocked the world. An event so horrible that this date will be remembered for the rest of history. Five years ago today nineteen men set out to a destroy a nation, a nation that had allowed them into the borders, allowed them to rent houses, cars, and apartments, and allowed these nineteen men to take courses on driving planes. Many of these nineteen men were known terrorists, but that didn’t make a difference. We taught them the art of war, we taught it in a subtle manner, but in the end it lead to horrible event. Almost 3,000 men, women, and children were killed. These were not drones, these were people. People who had their own lives, loved ones, and friends. The horrible deeds of others put an abrupt end to many lives, lives that left family, friends, and goals uncompleted. Any of those people could have changed the world, but weren’t given a fair chance. The father, the mother, the husband, the wife, the son, the daughter, the uncle, the aunt, the nephew, the neice, the cousin, oh we could go on and on. All fell under the cruel hands of others who we ourselves had taught. Yet in the evil and destruction, we joined hands, lit candles, and sung hymns with others that we’re so different, but tied together by the horrible event.

The firefighters and police officers, the rescuers, and the brave individuals who tried to make a difference. Many of them we’re killed trying to bring others back. In our darkest hour, when the coldest wind was blowing we stood strong. We held our heads high, and waited, waiting for the calls that never came, waiting for the nightmare to be over, waiting for the sun to gleam high in the sky and things to be like they used to. Facts couldn’t be changed, but yet we gripped harder, and showed a love that had been hidden all this time, hidden deep somewhere waiting for a chance to shine. Who had known it would take something so hideous to bring out something so pure and wholesome. Our downfall was our uprising. As the darkness and the wind shook us harder we held our loved ones close, and prayed for the ones we couldn’t. Now we have changed things, worked to improve our government, stopped teaching others to hurt us, improved securities, and learned to love. There is hope for this nation, great hope, but nothing will ever be the same. Some of debris may be clear, but not on our hearts. The pain is as real and as heavy as ever. The pain will never be lifted, the debris on our hearts never swept, but maybe if we strive for peace, maybe we can prevent the rock of pain from shattering on a new generation of hope. So please remember those who have perished on this day, the people who were killed trying to escape, and the ones who died coming back to help the others. Please remember September 11, 2001. Whatever your religion, race, or views, please pray for peace in a world where the fighting just doesn’t seem to stop.

Thank you,



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War In The Middle East

This is a copy and paste of a post I made on the Middle East conflict between Lebanon and Israel. I think I should post it, and I’d like to hear opinions on this horrible controversy. I hope you will pray for those involved in conflicts around the world, whatever your religion. If you want to see the full topic on my message board, you can read it


Ah, the “we hate Bush” topics. Got a love ’em. On a more serious note, yes it’s really sad. It’s a shame what those people have to go through, it must be a living hell. Family members, crazy rumors, the dead, children crying, and the state of the communities. I can’t even begin to imagine what that’s like. Not knowing if you’ll be alive the next day, where your family is, having your child die. Lebanon really screwed up here. What were they thinking? Israel’s army is one with a steel backbone, while Lebanon’s is mainly insurgents. The government’s “army” is made of rubber in comparison. I’m not trying to be offensive to anyone who might be affected on the either side, but honestly, people need to think. Why start a war when you will surely get wiped out. I’m actually agreeing with Bush on this one, glad to see his not going on his usual antics and trying to get America totally involved. Of course though, there is a good reason for that. The reason is this, Lebanon is allies with Syria, Syria produces and ships a lot of oil, along with being in a sort of invisible alliance with the other oil producing, terrorist supporting countries that seem to infest the Middle East like a parasite. You fight Lebanon, you piss off Syria, you piss off Syria, you cut your connections to some major oil producing countries, you don’t end up with as much oil. That’s why Bush doesn’t seem to be expressing his usual “let’s go fight some people” antics. That’s why the U.S. Army isn’t getting involved (at least on a major extent). I also have a problem with Israel. Yes they have the right to attack, they do. I would too, but they need to be a little more careful. The civilian death toll in Lebanon is increasing at a staggering rate. This isn’t good. Their are innocent people in Lebanon. Them dying won’t help anything.

Again, my heart goes out to all those in Israel, Lebanon, or anywhere in the world who is suffering in some way. I know it probably won’t happen, people can’t resist the temptation to fight, but still I’m praying. Praying that this world will come to its senses. Come to its senses and realize that Christian, Jew, or Muslim, white, black, or red, south, north, or east, woman or man, straight or gay, they will learn to love their neighbor. Learn that being different is something special, a gift, not a curse. What would it be like if everyone was the same? You wouldn’t like it, I can tell you that. Thank you.



Thanks for your time.



Edit: Whoops, said Syria instead of Israel. What am I thinking? Oh well, it was only wrong in that first sentence of the blog.

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