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Confident About DirectX 9.0

DirectX 9.0 is sweet looking, I have it and the Platform SDK, and it’s all installed properly. My book for DirectX 8.1 threw up an error with this piece of code:

Don’t ask me why, because I have no clue. I found out the problem lies in the name, and the error thrown up talks about not being able to convert to LPCWSTR, which is the commands first paramerter.

Anyways if you have a clue let me know. In other news I’m back, and I had to “read” 266 RSS feeds, and I only read one or two. Joy. I also thinking about adding the read more option so it doesn’t all clog up the front page. The problem with that is newbies to their RSS reader might only get the preview and then not read my whole article. What do you think about people using the more tag. It just really depends. Right now, I’m not going to add it. Expect me to add it soon though. There’s not too much else going on right now so see you later.



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