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Google’s Stock Goes Down

Hey my prediction on Google’s stock seems to be right. It has been falling pretty steadily for the last few days. Here’s some graphs via


As you can see the stock for Google has had a pretty significant decline. It was skyrocketing before and that could be argued for either viewpoints. Some say it would have had to have gone down eventually or that YouTube caused this stock decrease. Let us have a closer look.


This sharp change in value is alerting, but who knows it could pop right back up. I think it’s your call. Is it going to go through a temporary slow streak and surge back up, go back up soon, keep declining? It’s your call. I think it’s going to keep declining for at least a fair amount of time. The stock has dropped a point a day since YouTube was acquired when averaged but the significant changes have been recent. The following days and weeks should be a good indicator as to whether or not Google will go into a slump.




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YouTube Goes Google

YouTube has been acquired by Google. What does this mean? Well, I’m thinking a few things. Let’s get the wheel going here.

  1. Google plans to take over the Internet’s video uploading and video blogging services. We all know YouTube was doing way better than Google Video. Now that they have YouTube, they’ll gain control of the video uploading/blogging market.
  2. Google paid a hefty sum of 1.65 billion dollars for YouTube. I think that’s a lot of money to be paying, and especially since I think it’s such a big gamble. I’m not so sure they should have done this. Of course they might want full control of the video market. Is it worth the price? I’m not so sure on that one.
  3. YouTube has been delaying paying for copyright infringements. They haven’t. Google will probably end up paying it with this acquisition.
  4. Don’t expect stock to jump up. Why, because I don’t think YouTube is really that valuable and with Google Video it can’t possibly improve it that much and I don’t think YouTube is really worth that much to investors.
  5. This could look bad for Google. The price tag was way too high and they already had Google Video so other than gaining almost total control everything pretty much stays the same. Bad look means investors must sell their stock.

I’m not so sure about how good this whole thing is. Everyone is just going to have to wait and see how it goes.



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Got Google?

Microsoft has a problem, Google. What’s going wrong? Microsoft is losing its grip on things. It tries to stay up-to-date, and it might in terms of technology, but not in turns of popularity. Coders are going towards open source, and the only ones that are staying offline are those hard-core Microsoft junkies. Microsoft is being way too overprotective. Back in the old days, in the generation off early home computing when Apple and Microsoft were making their own entrances, Apple made a giant mistake. They didn’t educate people on how to make software for their system, and were overprotective of their development kits (or making documents and spreading SDKs). They left it up too the coders to figure it out. Microsoft was very unprotective (by old computing standards), and shared how to make programs. Now though, you can’t just share how to make programs. You need to to do a Google, be open source, free, reliable, and techie friendly, plus you can’t just look like another frowned upon Yahoo!. You have to appeal to the coders, not the home users. Why? The coders are the people who will make changes and strives that end up driving home users in the good directions. So you have to beef things up for the coders, or else you’ll end up losing. Losing in this battle of the computer companies Google will win, and Microsoft annd other big time companies need to shape up- or ship out.

In other news, I decided not to use the MORE tag. A lot of RSS Readers don’t know the full article isn’t always in what they got. Sometimes the more tag won’t show. People in their browsers even miss it sometimes, besides I know how much I love being able to read in my RSS reader and don’t always like having to expand the article. So, I’m being nice (not to mention going with my own preference). Another complaint is this, it’s horribly annoying and its happened twice. I hit



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