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Apple’s Dilemma

I have a problem with Apple, I just had to say it. They got so many issues, and they’re total control freaks. I mean think, if Steve Jobs had shared how to code with developers, developed some SDK’s, or told them exactly how to do it, they’d be on top of the world. They’re such a small portion of the market, and come on if it wasn’t for the iPod who would care? No one. Quite frankly iPods are a total rip, they make you convert to their format, run the .app on their hardware, make you buy from their online store (a few other places can sell but most people get their goods from iTunes store), and use their program (iTunes). It’s a total rip. If I want to put MP3’s on an iPod let me do it (not that I own an iPod). Sure they have a community the size of cruise ship, and a homebrew scene, but who said you couldn’t do that with other MP3 players? Just because no one has found a way to do it doesn’t mean you can’t, their are less people trying to exploit specific MP3 players anyhow. Get something robust, that doesn’t make you take hours to convert a few hundred songs. Who wants to spend a ton of money (buying) or a ton of time (converting) songs? Might as well get something that you have more control of, there’s great alternatives to iPods, and if you have a ton of MP3s hanging around you won’t want to convert. Back to Macs, they have a sexy interface, some cool built in apps, and are cool for multimedia. Now the downsides, there isn’t a ton of software, you can’t code for it very easily, it’s not good for a gamer, and you could buy a Windows PC with professional grade multimedia software for the price you spend on the Mac. To me, the only way to go is Windows or Linux. With all the customization, software, and ability to do more with your desktop (look at the market, and Linux supports much of the same things Window’s does), there’s no better choice.

For those who didn’t want to read all of it: GET WINDOWS, GET LINUX, BUT PLEASE, NO MACS.





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