YouTube Goes Google

YouTube has been acquired by Google. What does this mean? Well, I’m thinking a few things. Let’s get the wheel going here.

  1. Google plans to take over the Internet’s video uploading and video blogging services. We all know YouTube was doing way better than Google Video. Now that they have YouTube, they’ll gain control of the video uploading/blogging market.
  2. Google paid a hefty sum of 1.65 billion dollars for YouTube. I think that’s a lot of money to be paying, and especially since I think it’s such a big gamble. I’m not so sure they should have done this. Of course they might want full control of the video market. Is it worth the price? I’m not so sure on that one.
  3. YouTube has been delaying paying for copyright infringements. They haven’t. Google will probably end up paying it with this acquisition.
  4. Don’t expect stock to jump up. Why, because I don’t think YouTube is really that valuable and with Google Video it can’t possibly improve it that much and I don’t think YouTube is really worth that much to investors.
  5. This could look bad for Google. The price tag was way too high and they already had Google Video so other than gaining almost total control everything pretty much stays the same. Bad look means investors must sell their stock.

I’m not so sure about how good this whole thing is. Everyone is just going to have to wait and see how it goes.




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One response to “YouTube Goes Google

  1. Google obviously wish to dominate the online video scene, and who can blame them? It’s an extremely enticing market at the minute. The only thing that worries me about this acquisition is You Tubes lack of business model. Though I’m guessing Google will integrate its infamous and ever popular ad-sense program into the video sharing site.


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