A Few Problems in Google Reader

The new Google Reader still has some little bugs to work out.  For example, this morning I was reading one of my feeds when about twenty or thirty blogs down I had found another of my feeds had mixed with it.  Hopefully Google Reader will fix this, but my new feed browsing experience is getting more enjoyable as I get more accustomed to the program.  This was just a quick little update on the program, nothing more to read here.





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2 responses to “A Few Problems in Google Reader

  1. Do you happen to remember which feeds got mixed up? If you can reproduce this problem, a screenshot would be helpful too. I have left my email address with the comment; if you’d like, you can use that to get in touch and help us debug this problem.

    Mihai Parparita
    Google Reader Engineer

  2. It was Overheard in New York, and a PC Magazine feed. It all seems to be fixed now. Thanks Mihai.



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