The Downfall of Conventional Artificial Intelligence

I’ve recently had my interest in artificial intelligence re-sparked.  I also realized the downfall in conventional AI (which is basically now known as machine learning).  The problem with this approach (as opposed to computational intelligence) is that it isn’t very intelligent.  It’s basically a method of querying a database and showing you very nicely formatted set of results.  Or in the case of creative AI is generating random sequences of data based on pre-programmed rules or rules based on previously generated data.  Now I’m not saying the programs produced in these ways are bad, or inefficient, it just isn’t very intelligent.  I myself find it amusing to create a chatbot and give it so-called “emotions”, but this isn’t intelligence.  This is like I said, querying a database for nicely formatted responses.  There’s a huge difference.  I hope to continued my research on the mind and maybe create some true intelligence.  What will I do?  Who knows.  I’m not promising anything either, but this field is definitley of interest to me.




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