Will Ideas Run Out?

I was pondering something about programming today, and realized it could apply to all of life.  My thought is this, what if, in the future we run out of original ideas.  I mean someone will always be able to vary something in one way or another, but will we start “running low” on originality.  Honestly folks think about it, a lot of times I have an idea or a name for something and I search the idea to see if it’s been done.  A lot of times, it has.  I’m not saying we will run out of original ideas (although we could), but they might be in short supply at some point in the future.  This is something to consider.  Feel free to disagree with me, this is pretty much just general chatter.  Everybody enjoys writing a little rant every once and a while.





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4 responses to “Will Ideas Run Out?

  1. lightcontrast

    Possibly. But not so soon.

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