I’m Getting Popular

It seems this blog is getting pretty popular. I’m averaging over fifteen hits a day, which used to be rare. I have some referrals from other bloggers such as lightcontrast from my last blog. People comment on my stuff. I’m just surprised. For a while I had faith this might get off the ground, but it never really did. Hopefully this phase won’t pass.





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3 responses to “I’m Getting Popular

  1. lightcontrast

    The most I’ve had was 105 at the end of August. Now, I get around 20 or more.

  2. Yeah, your much more popular than me. I blog a lot, but haven’t recieved a ton of attention until recently. That’s if you call what I’m getting a “ton” of attention. Whenver I comment I get a lot of hits on this site from people clicking my name, but I don’t post around as much. Mostly I do my reading from Google Reader and unless an article sticks out or I know an “insider” or important fact I don’t post.



  3. lightcontrast

    I’ve been tag surfing and before that I clicked the arrow on the top right that takes you to random blogs. I like tag surfing better. And sometimes I visit the most trafficked posts when I first login. I’ve got a few hits from posting there and a few have been interesting.

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