This is cool, a chance to read my classic literature little bits at a time!  Neat.  I will have to get some of my Arthur Conan Doyle dosage, and add a feature like this to my secret project.  Anyways here’s the link: DailyLit.





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3 responses to “DailyLit

  1. lightcontrast

    I was doing a search yesterday and I found this site called http://www.projectgutenberg.org. It has a lot of classic books that you can download and they’re always adding classics to the site.

  2. I have that link in my Google Books entry. That site rocks.

  3. lightcontrast

    Yeah I know. But I was looking for an e-version of Ywain The Knight of the Lion, but the site doesn’t have it yet. I have the hard copy though. I was going to put an e-copy in my paper for a class, but I didn’t use the story anyway.

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