New Stuff

I thought I’d fill you in on my latest ideas and projects using a quick little list:

  1. Last night I actually did make my comment system using PHP. I think I just showed myself up.
  2. I have an idea for some sweet artificial intelligence. It takes in commands (words, etc.) that the user types in along with what to do when that word is typed and it would simulate a visual, auditory, or sensual action example:Type if the [whatever] hears, sees, or senses something (1,2,3): 1
    Type what the [whatever] hears: Car
    The [whatever] does nothing. Type what you do: Scream

    Now if you repeated the scream enough times the noise of a car would trigger the scream from whatever it is we’re simulating (let’s say a child) and he would scream whenever he hears a car. You could also repeat enough actions for an object to change the habit for that particular sound or visual. This is just a concept maybe I’ll work on it later.

  3. I have an idea for an RPG map interpreter sort of thing, where it runs off my engine but anybody could make an adventure. I actually might pursue this.
  4. I am still working on my secret PHP project (though it isn’t very secret anymore).

That’s all folks! By the way I received forty-one hits yesterday, an all-time high for me. That’s a good thing. Plus I am receiving a lot of comments. I think this blog is gaining popularity.




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