Secret Project Revealed, 9/11, Bush Speech

I’ve been doing a lot PHP coding recently, and still have a ton to do.  I need to code a comment system and that could take me a little while.  Besides, I don’t feel up to it.  That means I’m not going to do it today.  My post on 9/11 (see previous entry) had a few comments here and I’m glad people liked it.  Despite what it’s about I am proud of it.  On another site I also received some feedback on that.  Some of those people are less politically driven though.  I’ll reveal my secret project now, it’s a book system.  It’s going to allow people to upload books, write books, allow downloading in different formats, and I have more plans.  As for Bush’s speech, I wasn’t very happy with what I watched of it.  It was driven politically and he used it to make public his points.  He repeated a lot of the same ideas.  Being an independent person (who leans more towards the liberal side of things) I had a little hope for our President’s speech.  He disappointed me by using it to broadcast his views instead of respecting the people who were killed.  Most of the ideas were the same repetitive ones, and there wasn’t a lot of original wording.  Not so well done in my opinion.  That’s all for today.




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One response to “Secret Project Revealed, 9/11, Bush Speech

  1. ffalcon

    We need to move on but not forget. As far as the speech, it is an election year. Remember, the attack and the war go hand in hand. Also, what can he say about the attacks that hasn’t already been said? I’m not surprised it was repetitive.

    May we never see a day like that again.

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