Building a WYSIWYG Editor in HTML

Two posts in one day, wow. I had to show you guys this article. I always thought building a rich textbox would be hard and I’d heard of WYSIWYG editors, but never knew what they were. I linked the two via the WordPress help button which I clicked for no apparent reason. Then I searched Google on how to build a WYSIWYG editor in the HTML/Javascript combo (no I didn’t use those exact words). What I found was this:

Building a WYSIWYG HTML Editor Part 1/2



P.S.: WordPress keeps deleting most this blog when I am trying to save it. Annoying. Glad I have copy and paste on. If you see this it means I got it working.

P. S.S: I had to create a new entry and re-blog this.

P. S.S.S: Whoa, it’s September 28th (2006) and I realizedthe link wasn’t there as a result of it somehow being screwed up (I thought I had inserted it).  Well, I’ve edited it in now.  If you have come across this article then enjoy.


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