Warning: New Idea

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of casual web surfing (giving feedback on my script, watching the forums I go to), and a little gaming.  Not too much else.  I also received a Personal Message (PM) from a guy that thought one of my old adventure games was cool.  You can check that game out here.  Well it sparked my interest, but I didn’t want to continue working on it.  Instead I decided I want to make an adventure game creation program.  That would be cool.  It will be something like Adventure Game Studio (AGS), but a little easier, and probably for now a little more limited.  What I want though, is for the developers I’m primarily showing to (Game Maker users or those at the Game Maker Community), to be able to use GML (Game Maker Language) as a basic syntax for extending the normal possibilities.  This will take the learning curve out of the program for at least some of the people, and add more functionality to the program.  Ideas are brewing, and I will probably get to work soon.  That’s all for now.




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