Assembler and OS Programming, VBScript and GML, and an E-Zine

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking/working. I’ll start from the beginning. Yesterday after looking at the bootloader I decided to learn some Assembler(Asm) before moving onto actually coding my own bootloader and learning more about the kernel. It will definitely be better in the long run. I found a great tutorial, but some of it doesn’t work with NASM, so I got A86. It can generate objects so I could use it to write an OS. Not sure if I will though. Anyways, I also had a bright(wink) idea to make a script that can use the SAPI and Microsoft Agent for the wonder game making program Game Maker by Mark Overmars. So I used the built in language GML, and used it to generate VBS script files and execute them during the game since GML is a little limited with internal use. It can use DLL’s and external files well though, opening up a world of possibilities. Some people have their antivirus programs set to alert for VBScript, but there’s no virus. Check for yourself if you run the example or create one, it will create the VBS files in C:\. As for the e-zine, it’s just a hunch, but I’ve been thinking about mixing a slew of my articles, writing new ones, and maybe gathering some contributors (if they like the initial few issues), and making an e-zine on coding. I was recently inspired by showing somebody some Asm and C++ stuff on the wonderful site 64digits, they are my file hosting service of choice. It’s also a Game Maker (GM) community, so it’s not a place similar to MegaUpload or another on of those services. So check out my links, there’s only eight of them. Check ’em out. So I guess this is the end, that is until I blog again.



P.S.: This blog is tagged Open Source because the scripts are open source. Have fun. Bye,and no, I won’t edit again.

Edit: Actually, I didn’t edit the above. I just wrote it after the usual Cheers statement. So this is the first actual edit. I edited this to tell you I ran spell check. Just thought I’d let you know, because it’s polite (I also like acknowleging I made an edit).


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