Oh, I love 2.0 (Commonly know by the acronym OOo), an open source Office Suite based off StarOffice by Sun Microsystems who helps develop the program.  I love this program, it has ease of use, great functionality, and cool features.  Microsoft should watch out, because if given a chance by consumers, this freeware solution which is already being used by many coders, could in fact compete with Microsoft’s Office Microsoft Office suite.  In fact is better than the MS Office Suite, minus the set of scanning utilities that I really like.  The abilities to import and export from different formats make this a must have for any developer.  This is definitley my choice for an office suite, and who knows maybe I’ll look at the source code at some point too.

On a side note, WordPress is annoying me, I had to re-type this article except for the first word and last three words.  I don’t know what’s up.  I think you might have to press View Site directly afterwards, but it’s just a hunch.  Oh well, the article is better now anyways.




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  1. Open office 2.0 is a wonderful office package, which is also enabling to get PDF files in click of seconds. Thanks to OPEN SOURCE.


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