“The Green Mile” Review

“The Green Mile” is a great book by Steven King, and a must read in my opinion.  Here’s why:

Storyline 5/5:  The story line is original, and full of twists and turns to keep you going.  The main character in this book is Paul Edgecomb, a prison guard for E Block, also know as death row.  In this book he investigates the mysterious John Coffey who was arrested for the rape and murder of two young girls.

Originality 5/5:  This book is very original, containing a mix of genres, twists and turns, and a setting that has never before been concieved in a book.

Perspective 5/5:  The narrative in this book is great, informative, and switches backand forth between underlying storylines.

Overall 5/5:  This is a great read that shows us many things about life, the conflicts of race, and prison life.  It has a enchanting story that will compell even those who aren’t horror fans.  The book is not the same style like most of King’s other books, instead of horror their is mystery and adventure.  An adventure which you should really go on.




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