I’ve been awfully lazy, haven’t even worked on the comic. That’s what I mean by lazy, not getting a lot done. Well, for the last hour or two I’ve been working on a new game. Nothing revolutionary, pretty simple stuff. I made a nice graphic (nice by my standards) and chose to put in a game. It’s a retro platformer, kind of in the style of Commander Keen. You should download it, it’s fun. I don’t have it anymore on this computer, never beat it, but I was hooked when I did play it. I probably won’t download again, but only because I don’t feel the urge. I definitely recommend it though. I don’t know how far I’ll get on it, but I like it. As for the comic, with me, it could be a while before I chose to work on it. Don’t expect it soon. What you should expect is a screenshot from my upcoming little project. Hopefully I’ll have my storyline worked out soon, I’m trying to make it less cheesy than your average platformer storyline. We’ll see how that works out. Until next time comment, drop me an email (, or do whatever. Keep reading!




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  1. Cool! Can’t wait to hear more!

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