Scripting and Audio Games

I just today saw how much you can do with VBScript. It’s pretty sweet! Check this site out. The scripting for Vista that I saw a while ago looks pretty cool, and so does Google’s gadget interface for personalized home pages, desktops, and heck everything. I’m going to have to learn me some of this stuff, especially Vista’s. It looks sweet, with great interface capabilities. It also seems pretty easy to learn, because the two gadget “scripting languages” (Vista’s and Google’s) are XML-based, and have extra features (I know Vista’s does, I’m sure Google’s does too). I also downloaded an audio game called Crazy Tennis. It seemed hard at first, but you get the hang of it. Basically the ball comes towards you getting louder and louder, and you have to pan the sound between your left and right speakers and hit the ball (it can be hit whenever, but the loudness tells you how close the ball is to being missed), if you lose the ball ten times it’s game over. If somebody like me can play it, anybody can. If your visually impaired, or just looking for something new, check out Crazy Tennis or other audio games via AudioGames. If you read my blog, comment, I’d love to hear from you. It seems I’ve lost some of my audience so let me know you’re still reading!




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