Google’s Messaging

I was quite surprised today when I opened up my trusty RSS Reader, and found out that Google, the company you can’t stop hearing about, has a real problem when it comes to their Google Talk.  I’m not into really any instant messaging, but it astounds me that this marketing giant hasn’t leaped more in terms of their messenger.  Take a look here at Techcrunch.  With holding only 1% of the market in instant messengers, they are allowing an extra advantage to those companies who Google must try to overthrow in their evil scheme.

One recent thing that I’ve liked at Google, other than their RSS reader, is their 3D Modeling software.  Google SketchUp is a great program, that allows 3D modeling of buildings and landscapes with ease.  I was even able to make some objects.  It’s really easy to learn, and has an interactive tutorial.  Just dragging and dropping.  That was the old version, and I’m betting there is some cool stuff they’ve added since.  I haven’t used it in a while since they force you download the update, but I’m downloading it now.  You should too.  It’s a great program, that could compete with AutoCad, and is compaitable with Google Earth.  You can import your models into Google Earth, create them for fun, upload to Google’s model browser type thing, and maybe even do a little landscaping business where you rent yourself out to model an idea.  Show people what their home might look like afterwards.  If this program keeps improving, it could be a contender to compete with AutoCAD or any of the CAD programs.   That’s all for today!  Check back soon!




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