The Five Corners of the Internet

The five corners of the Iinternet? What is this guy talking about. Well, to me the Internet comes with five groups of people. I hate to sterotype, I really do, but it seems like on the Internet everybody is part of a group. In fact these aren’t really groups. It’s the good and bad about the intelligence of the ‘Net. Here’s What I have to say about the “candidates”:

The AOL Home Users:

Overview: MOST of these users are new on the Internet scene and use the ‘Net for games, casual email, and talking to their buddies.

The Good: The good part is they don’t really do any harm or cause trouble.

The Bad: They can get really annoying, but if they do something to you I’m sure we can find a way to trick them.

Internet Intelligence Level: 1/5

The Newbies:

Overview: These are the guys who know the basic function of the Internet, and want to learn more about computers. Unfortunately the way most of them go about it is spamming, wanting easy answers, and typing: “k m3 c00l wit dat”.

The Good: When you help them, they’ll bug off, you feel good, and that’s one less idiot (usually) to spam the board.

The Bad: They are more annoying than your average home user, because they go to places they shouldn’t acting like fools or worse, pretending to know everything.

Internet Intelligence Level: 2.5/5

My Advice: Get a book, read rules, use Google, and use this thing called a site’s SEARCH BUTTON.

The Script Kiddies:

Overview: These guys are one step up from newbies, but in a way, one step worse. They hack without really knowing how the stuff works, and if they code they don’t do it very well.

The Good: The good they flood themselves with viruses/trojans because they download things they think will “help” them hack. Sometimes they even get caught by the big agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA, or other government organization. The only problem is they get played as “big time” hackers, and achieve loads of publicity that they probably wanted in the first place. A big plus is that someday they might go on to be good coders.

The Bad: These guys are attention seeking newbies, who cause a load of destruction and act really snobby. Avoid them if you can.
Internet Intelligence Level: 3/5

My Advice: Learn to code and stop hacking people.

The Gamers:

Overview: A lot of these guys are good with games and good with the Internet.

The Good: They know a lot of stuff about the Internet and use it well, plus they don’t spam.

The Bad: They can act like newbies during in-game sessions. They tend to use a lot of leetspeak. That can get really annoying. The only way to be “leet” is to act like your knowledgable.

Internet Intelligence Level: 4/5

The Good Coders:

Overview: Most of these guys want to learn.

The Good: They write cool programs, enjoy learning, share creations, and don’t cause too much trouble. If they do write malicious software they’ll usually get busted eventually.

The Bad: They can act like newbies when learning, think their leet, write malicious software to help themselves or script kiddies. They can be mean to other users.

Internet Intelligence Level: 5/5

Find where you fit in, and don’t flame. If you don’t agree something, don’t act like a newbie, post a respectable comment. Am I sterotyping, I don’t really think so. It’s more of the good and bad of the ‘Net, test your Internet intelligence, and find out what you’re trying to become and where to go to next. That’s all for today and stay tuned.





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4 responses to “The Five Corners of the Internet

  1. Daniel (C++ Game Dev one)

    Lol, Im a gamer and a good coder lol.

    – Cheers, Daniel

  2. Thanks. Keep reading!



  3. Calle

    I really think I belong to the good coders section. After all I know PHP and GML good… The sad thing about it: each time I mention GML (Game Maker) people tend to discredit me for everything and classifie me as a wanna-be coder!

  4. I know some C++ and ASM, but am really good at GML. It’s not for wanna-be’s, it has a structure very similar to C or C++.



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