I Registered A WordPress

I just joined the union err.. WordPress blogging! It’s so much better than blogger. I can upload files and no doubt I will. What’s this blog going to be about, everything I feel like writing, that mostly means tech stuff. What do I like to do? I like to code, make games, write, read, and even *get active*. It’s getting scary that geeks are now playing sports and working out isn’t it? Not really. I’m just letting you know so I don’t get stereotyped, which is something I hate. Well, re-visit the site regularly. I won’t hold you up- this time.





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5 responses to “I Registered A WordPress

  1. w00t! First comment EVAR!


  2. w00t! SECOND comment EVAR!



  3. Try not bumping so much. Glad you like it.

  4. Heheh so this is where you hang is it. Just thought I’d be polite and leave a comment.

  5. Thanks.  Weird, didn’t count your comment, but when I posted it bumped it up to five like it should have been.  Oh well, it’s not like theirs a true problem.  I’m spyware and virus free so my computer isn’t “seeing things”.



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